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Make The Most Of Going To Bridal Shows

It’s hard to believe it is that time of year again – crisp weather, bare trees, fluffy knitted scarves … that’s right, it’s Bridal Show Season! It’s the time when wedding vendors all catch their collective breath, do a short dance of excitement and relief at having made the wedding day dreams of so many couples come true over the past year, and then furiously begin to prepare for the flood of potential new clients at the bridal shows.

As a couple planning a wedding, these shows can be SO helpful, giving you a one-stop way to shop for all the things you know you need – and to tempt you with ideas for things you didn’t know you even wanted. In fact, you can easily be overwhelmed, if you don’t approach these events with a plan.

At Night Magic Productions we’ve compiled for you some of the tips that worked best for our clients over the years – done DJ style, of course!

“Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”:

Bring your best friends, your bridesmaids, your mom, or even (gasp!) your fiancé … there is so much to see/touch/taste/fill out that you will be grateful for the extra eyes, ears and arms to hold things. Best of all, you will laugh your way through the hall, adding one more fun set of selfies and memories to your overall planning process. (If the groom is reluctant, let him know that some shows are even beginning to have areas - “man caves” - just for the guys!)


Your first inclination might be dressing to impress, and you will be surrounded with all kinds of bridal finery and elegance. However, don’t sacrifice your feet just to show off those new mile-high boots, as you are going to be covering a LOT of ground. It’s hard to focus on the best tasting cake when all you want to do is drop your feet into an ice water bath! Dress nice but comfortable, in shoes that will carry you all the way through to the fashion show finale.

“Any Way You Want It”:

What – you didn’t know that EVERYBODY is doing wildflower mason jar centerpieces this year? Or that you simply MUST have personalized “save the date” cards to send out, pronto? In recent years, chocolate fountains were all the rage. The point is, without a clear plan going in, it is easy to be tempted into feeling like you should have decorations/edibles/favors at your wedding that had never even crossed your mind before.

Add the literature to your pile of info you’ll bring home, but don’t stress about how to add anything to your already bulging budget until you’ve given yourself and your fiancé a chance to think about it. Is it really going to add something special to your day? Likely, if you had not already thought of it, you probably won’t miss it by passing it by.

“Another One Bites The Dust”:

Having a big entourage – or at the least a very big tote bag! – for carrying all the literature and giveaway goodies you’ll collect is a must! When you get home you can sort it into 3 piles:

‘Not a chance’ – “I’m really too shy to have an adult toys bridal shower, and chocolate fountains are so last year!” This pile should include any vendor that gives you shoddy quality or poorly presented materials. If they don’t care enough to present their business in a professional way, can you trust them to do a professional job for you? Go ahead and toss this pile.

‘Just maybe’ – “These travel brochures look pretty good. We’re really hoping to honeymoon in an exotic locale, and the trip insurance is a great idea we had not thought of before!” Set these aside to think over a bit longer.

‘Book it, Dano!’ “We really need these vendor services, and these are the companies (and the materials) that really knocked our socks off!” Get together with your fiancé, go over these carefully and get more information, if needed. You will find that the best vendors and most popular dates fill very quickly, so when you find that best fit, get it reserved.

And on that note…

“Simply The Best”:

The most important things to bring and do/not do are;

Bring Labels! You will want to be entered in drawings and get more info from vendors. Pre-printed labels (including your wedding date and location!) will be a blessing long before you hit the final booth.

Allow plenty of time – typically 2 to 4 hours. Don’t rush, and be sure to ask lots of questions of the vendors whose services you most need. (Pay attention to the questions they ask you as well. Are they interested only in your deposit, or do they truly seem interested in you and your wedding day vision?)

At the same time, don’t be afraid to book the best vendors on the spot when you find them … or at the very least schedule a sit-down meeting with them for the following week. They will have dozens of couples looking at the same date!

‘Tis the Bridal Show Season – Happy Planning from Duluth, MN and the DJs at Night Magic Productions DJ Services!

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