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What makes one a “Master DJ”?


It begins with years of experience, along with a large commitment of time and money every year to connecting and training with the best in the business nationwide. Then, mix in a belief that every client deserves the magical day they dream of.  Finally, we believe there are certain talents and qualities a “Master DJ” has, ones that affect every aspect of your wedding.

Our clients tell what is important - in THEIR words:



“We felt that the pre-event consultations were critical in the success of our event. It would not have been the same without these opportunities to develop a rapport with our DJ.”


 “Having the experience of knowing who your DJ was going to be the night of the event, was comforting.  Being able to work with someone from the start to finish is something that is hard to find!”



“Experience really shows and it is impressive!” “We go to a lot of weddings and there isn't any other DJ out there that compares!”


“Above and beyond the music, all the special touches were amazing.  I LOVED the Love Story.  I actually saw my husband cry.  He said it meant more to him than the ceremony itself, and I have to agree.”


“The interaction with our guests was beyond our expectations!!!



 “I would recommend Night Magic to anyone.  The time and attention they gave us really did make our day something for everyone to remember.  I would tell any bride-to-be to let the stress go and leave the night to ‘Night Magic’.  Nobody has said a word about my flowers, my hair or much of anything else, but they haven't stopped talking about my DJ and how much fun they had.”


“I would refer ‘Night Magic’ to everyone. They exceeded our expectations by a ton!”

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