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Barb Allee - Master DJ, Master of Ceremonies

Began DJing  April 2003

A career as a master DJ was a natural fit for Barb, because it brought her favorite things together in one place; smiling people, music and fun! More than 13 years and hundreds of happy couples later she gets more satisfaction than ever from creating one-of-a-kind events full of memorable moments.


A consummate speaker and entertainer (15 years of Toastmasters and everything from college drama classes to years of DJ training – both giving and receiving) Barb creates smooth flow and effortless, stress-free fun for her clients. Her deep romantic nature gets to shine in the Love Stories she writes for all of the Night Magic couples.


Her strengths include an immense range of musical knowledge and connecting with guests in such a way as to draw out those unforgettable moments folks will talk about for years to come!

Barb's Reviews

Barb was our DJ for our wedding.  We definitely needed those pre-event consultations.  We live about 3 1/2 hours away from the Duluth area and they were a very helpful way of discussing and planning the music for our wedding.  The planning experience went very well.  Barb was very helpful in every aspect.


All of our guests complimented on how great the DJ was.  My fiancé and I felt that having our day be unique and personal would be the best way to have our wedding stick in everyone's minds for many years to come.  When speaking with Barb at Night Magic at the Duluth bridal show, we knew she would be just that.  The way you guys made us feel and described how the night would go really sold us.  I am so thankful that Barb has such a great understanding of her job, her experience really shows and it is impressive!


I would describe Barb's interaction with us and the guests as the best DJ I have ever seen EVER! We go to a lot of weddings and there isn't any other DJ out there that compares.  Barb went above and beyond our expectations to make our night so special. She even helped me with a small cake malfunction!  She is what ALL of our guests were talking about...and probably still are! :)


I guess I just can’t express enough how happy we are with our entire experience!  Thanks so much Barb and Night Magic!

Geoffrey and Rachel Gilbertson

Willmar, MN

We felt that the pre-event consultations were critical in the success of our event. It would not have been the same without these opportunities to develop a rapport with our DJ.

Barb took a genuine interest in our love story, and her enthusiasm was palpable.


The music was phenomenal. Any gaps we had left in our song list were skillfully filled by Barb. She got to know us, and it was as unique and personal as we could imagine!


Barb has a unique talent. She engaged our guests and made the evening as much about them as it was for us. We couldn't be more delighted!!Barb was amazing!!! We'd hire her all over again!!

Patrick van Oss and Alyssa Haukaas

LaCrosse, WI

Barb made the planning experience fun and easy!  Each time she told us exactly what she needed from us and was very friendly and easy to work with.  We knew that we could contact her anytime with anything.  We also loved that we actually had consultations, most DJ's just want to know what music you do and don't like.  Barb wanted to know so much more!


There were many things we knew that Barb was going to do and then she surprised us with a few more which was so awesome! 

Our attendants loved having the intros more personal like they were and so did we.  They really felt like it was special and it was great to be able to give back to them.  There were also extra games and things Barb had that we didn't know about that were really fun. 

She was great at letting us and others know when the next things were to come and how to be ready, we didn't have to wonder about anything!


Every interaction was pleasant, fun, and easy going.  All of the guests thought we had the best DJ and I think even a few people asked for cards. 

The next morning at breakfast at the hotel we even had a group of people saying that we should hire Barb for a big party and do it all over again, even if someone isn't getting married.  Just have everyone pitch in and have an awesome night again. 

Barb was great at letting the different guests that had special parts know what they needed to do when.  She was also great with the whole party getting everyone involved.


At first for us and maybe others who are looking it did seem like it was a more expensive company to go with but we cannot say enough how Barb was worth every penny and probably more!  We truly had a night to remember!

Phil and Amy Mattson

Virginia, MN

It was great! I had so many people come up to me and say they had fun the entire night. This especially included the activities that the DJ had the guests do. There were games and extra tidbits throughout the evening that really added to the experience. Couldn't have asked for anything better.


I, along with everyone else it seems, was very impressed. I'm happy Barb was there because she ultimately ran the evening timing-wise. She was organized and kind and very accommodating when some things changed. She even came to the rehearsal because she wanted to make sure that she had the ceremony timing right and that everything would go smoothly the next day. It was extremely comforting for myself and I think for my immediate family who was helping with the ceremony.

Jerald and Christina Steer

Coon Rapids, MN

Right from the very beginning Barb was extremely helpful with the entire planning process. 

The first meeting was very basic, but I could already tell that she would be able to make our day something special. 


The second consultation was great as well.  It was at the perfect time, reminding me to get some stuff done and also what I had already accomplished.  I really believe that the wedding itself would not have gone nearly as smoothly if we hadn't had pre-event consultations.  The timeline was also very helpful.


I was completely blown away. 

Musically Barb was able to play all the songs I had requested (sometimes even twice if people weren't paying attention!) and knew just what else to play.  She was very accommodating for our versatile musical tastes.  Maybe "Wild Bill Jones" will be a new hit at someone else's wedding! 


Above and beyond the music all the games and special touches were amazing.  I LOVED the Love Story.  I actually saw John cry.  He said it meant more to him than the ceremony itself, and I have to agree.  It was such a special way to start our our first dance. 

The shoe/wine glass game was so much fun; I loved hearing everyone's reactions!

Then there was the garter dance!!  Oh my goodness, that was so much fun!  I haven't seen John show off his moves like that in a long time!


(How was the interaction?) Superb, magnificent, and wonderful come to mind!  So many people told me they loved our DJ.  She definitely got a lot of people on the dance floor and participating in all sorts of activities.


I cannot express how grateful we are to have had Barb DJ our wedding reception.  She worked tirelessly to make sure our night was wonderful, and it was.  Thank you so much!  For your time, effort, talent, and of course patience!

John and Melissa LaMar

Superior, WI

From the start, Barb was excited about planning our special day. 

She gave us great ideas on how we can make it a unique night for our guests.  


She was more than willing to be flexible at the last minute and change the style of our introductions, which was soo appreciated! 

Nothing but great things to say.


Having the experience of knowing who your DJ was going to be the night of the event, was comforting.  Being able to work with someone from the start to finish is something that is hard to find!  Also enjoyed the flexibility that Barb had and creative ideas.

Justin and Cali Perpich

Duluth, MN


They were so helpful. It was great to have everything planned out. She helped us with ideas but also took into consideration of what we wanted.


Barb played everything we wanted and stuck to our guidelines of what not to and to play. I have heard so many compliments on so many things. Everyone really liked the game she played with the crowd.


Barb did a wonderful job!

I would refer her to everyone. She exceeded our expectations by a ton! Couldn't have asked for anything better.

Jason and Katie Harder

Spooner, WI


Barb was absolutely amazing!  Everyone loved her grand entrance idea and all of the music was perfect. 


Everyone at the wedding said she was the best DJ they have ever had.


The DJ was awesome with interaction.  She got guests that normally just sit at weddings involved and out on the dance floor.

Greg and Brittany Kilps

Hudson, WI

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